Friday, September 2, 2016


Where are we in life?  Do we feel our life is meaningful?  Have we met our goals?  How do we assess where we are and if we feel we are falling short, how can we change?  All good questions with many different answers depending on who you are talking with.  Here are some general guidelines you can follow:

1.       What activities or times in your life have been the most meaningful?  Are you still engaging in those activities and if yes, are they still meaningful?  If the answer is no, what can you do now to bring meaning into your life?  As we grow and change, what brings meaning to our life also can grow and change.
2.      What in my life would I be willing to sacrifice and for what?  Sacrifice can come in small ways as well as large ways.  Can you give your time to a special cause or person?  Is it time to volunteer or change the direction of your volunteering?  Is it time to engage in an activity that is for you, such that the meaning is also for you?
3.      Do you let the people in your life know how important they are to you and how much you love them?  Even when people know you love them, it is always nice to hear.  Is there someone in your life that you trust enough to share some of your hopes and dreams with?  If yes, get started and if no, put yourself out there to eventually find that person.
4.      If you were given another chance at life, what would you do over and how?  Since we will not be given that chance, we can look at our answer for guidance for what we want to do differently in our present and in our future.  For example, if we wish we had made more friends, we can begin to work on that now.  If we wish we had a job we enjoyed, again, we can work on that now.
5.      What do you think would bring you the greatest realistic happiness?  I use the word “realistic” intentionally.  A fantasy is not going to change how you live and love your life.  Thinking about realistic changes in your life can help you and what you already have in your life that brings you happiness.

6.      What achievements in your life make you happy?  Your marriage, children, friends, career or how you handle your career?  Maybe you are happy with how you treat people or things you have experienced.  It is always helpful to be aware of what has been good in our lives and what is good in our lives.  Even on our worst days, if we allow it, there is always something good to hold onto.
7.      What are you biggest mistakes and what did you learn from them and how can you correct them?  To gain wisdom, we must make mistakes and learn.  If we are blessed, we will live long enough to have earned some wisdom.
8.      What will I regret not doing in my life?  Some regrets we will not be able to fulfill, but there are still many that we can.  Work on the ones that are still available to you.
9.      If I were guaranteed success, what would I try to accomplish?  Often it is our fear that holds us back.  Use this question to ask yourself what would you really want to work on accomplishing and what are the steps to begin to take you in that direction?

10.  What are your most important goals in your life and what are the initial steps you can take to achieve those goals?  Can you make a realistic time line?  Do you have any family or friends that can help you with guidance or practical support?

11.  If you could give your children three pieces of advice for life, what would they be?  Apply that advice to yourself.We hope you enjoyed reading our blog.  Please like us on Facebook and share our blog with others.  We also would appreciate your comments and we are happy to consider your ideas for topics we can address in our blog.