Tuesday, April 1, 2014


     Cutting yourself is never good.  It is a dangerous and dysfunctional way of coping with stress and emotional pain.  Why do people cut themselves?  Some claim that the physical pain replaces the emotional pain and makes them feel better. Others report that it is self-punishment for real and perceived faults and “crimes”.  Whatever your reason, you will have a very difficult time stopping if you do not develop more effective coping skills to replace the cutting.  Try to intervene before you reach for the knife or razor.  Make a list of your safe people and reach out to one of them and talk about what is hurting you.  Sometimes just the act of sharing can help so you do not feel so alone.  Also think about activities you can do to distract yourself from the urge to cut until the urge passes.  Journaling, music (upbeat only), art, and physical activity can often be positive diversions. 

Seek out therapy and work through the issues that are causing you so much pain.  Therapy is also helpful to make you feel less alone and isolated.  Make a contract with a trusted person that you will call them rather than cut and the person you call will listen and not criticize.  Remember, cutting leads to physical and emotional pain, not pain resolution.  Whatever your issues, you do not deserve to be punished by cutting and you will not relieve your pain by cutting.  Learning to accept yourself and building confidence is your greatest defense against emotional pain. 

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