Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Everybody has an opinion about social media.  Some people do not see or understand the attraction to social media and other people cannot understand why more people are not more involved.  Like anything else in life, we all don’t like the same things.  For those of us who do like social media, some are involved on a very minimal level and others are involved throughout their day.  The question is; when is it too much?  When social media is used as an escape it is too much. 
If someone turns down a social invitation or time with family because they want to update Facebook or follow someone on Twitter, it is too much.  Social media should add to the quality of our lives, not become the focus of our lives.   There is nothing wrong with enjoying pictures on Instagram or Facebook, or following someone on Twitter.  However, to put anything meaningful on these sites, you have to go out and live life.  If your children seem overly consumed, maybe limit them to an hour a day.  And while you are at it, limit yourself to an hour a day.  I have met people who proudly tell me that they spend up to five hours a day updating all their social media.  What else could have been accomplished in that five hours?  Maybe spending time with family or friends, working out and exercising, learning a new hobby or skill, reading a book.  Social media is an adjunct to life, not the center of life.  
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